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Ep 213 Live 365 Driven with guest Tony Whatley

Ep 213 Live 365 Driven with guest Tony Whatley

January 25, 2021

Tony Whatley is a business mentor, best-selling author, podcast host, and entrepreneur. He has led a dual career for the last 20 years, in two distinct industries – Oil & Gas, and Automotive Performance. This was accomplished by starting businesses during his spare time. The author of Side Hustle Millionaire and the Founder of 365 Driven, Tony helps everyday people and entrepreneurs find their true potential.


  1. Backstory
  2. So what is a side hustle millionaire
  3. Turning your purpose into profit sounds nice, but how do I discover my purpose and potential?
  4. Constructive Consistency always wins, touch on this
  5. What is leadership to you
  6. So what is 365 driven


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Ep 212: How to Stand Out, and Create Your Own Swim Lane with Guest Callye Keen

Ep 212: How to Stand Out, and Create Your Own Swim Lane with Guest Callye Keen

January 19, 2021

Callye Keen is the Founder of Red Blue Collective helping people create great hardware products from concept to market. He has taken his manufacturing knowledge and helped by coaching what he calls brilliant misfits who are innovators, and outsiders looking to transform product ideas into business realities. He is the host of the End Hype Podcast, a podcast that aims to remove the fluff and get down to business. 


Show Notes:

  • How did you sell the most expensive fidget spinner?
  • How to create your own swim lane?
  • What is the benefit of knowing your competitors?
  • How much should we pay attention to the market and pricing in the market?
  • Why is low balling dangerous?
  • Product experience and the effects of growing a passionate following and tribe

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Ep. 211 : What Are Bricks? Mission Critical Tasks to Win the Day

Ep. 211 : What Are Bricks? Mission Critical Tasks to Win the Day

January 15, 2021

So far in this series we have talked about EPICS, Sprints and Stories. This is the next step and the most important step in the entire process.

The Agile and Scrum methodologies were missing out on this, and that's why I fixed it. If you want to go back and listen to the previous episodes go right ahead, after all they will help you better understand this episode and you will get the most of your year, and will see the most progress. However, if you have to listen to only one podcast I ever do, this is the one.

This is not the end, but the half way point. Next up will cover scoring, backlog and icebox - but none of those matter in comparison this episode.


We Cover:

  • What is a brick?
  • Why bricks are important
  • How bricks play into stories
  • Why stories are too high level
  • How bricks keeps you focused
  • How many bricks are too many
  • What to do when a new brick comes in to screw up your day
  • The 1:00 feeling and how to overcome it


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Ep 210: Build Your Reality

Ep 210: Build Your Reality

January 11, 2021

Shaylee Edwards has worked in behavior change in varying capacities for more than 7 years and specialize in belief and identity transformations that seamlessly align clients with healthy internal and external habits. Her company,, offers customized structure and support to systematically shift beliefs towards greater empowerment, individuality, and peace.


Show notes

  • Backstory
  • The importance of a morning routine
  • Importance of consistency**
  • Difference between internal and external habits
  • How do we get our minds to “Just do it”
  • Connecting reality with our goals of who we want to be

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Ep 209 Write Your Story: Creating Stories to Define Your Epics

Ep 209 Write Your Story: Creating Stories to Define Your Epics

January 8, 2021

Welcome to the next step in our EPIC journey and tackling those goals we have established for ourselves. The next stage here are Stories.

Stories are short stories that make up your Epic journey.

They are the things you wish to accomplish, that don’t necessarily need to be daily tasks or actions (although some of them will be).

In Business these could be prepping for meetings, actions needed to take towards developing and application (like building out the user navigation for example), and then Outside of business and in your personal life this could be something you wish to hit in a 2 to 3 week period.

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208: Crush Your Goals, Guaranteed.(What’s a Sprint?)

208: Crush Your Goals, Guaranteed.(What’s a Sprint?)

January 1, 2021

Now 2021 is here. We have our marathon, no pun intended – in our EPIC.

So now what?

Well, Lets talk about Sprints.

In a previous episode I talked about what an epic is and the reasoning behind them. With the new Year here, your resolutions should become your epics – or at least influence them. I tend to stay away from EPICs that I can’t directly control or that hold one time endings.

That’s where sprints come in.

A Sprint is a two week period where you should be attacking your goals. These sprints are made up of measurable tasks that we chip away at on a daily basis through Bricks. But how do Sprints work?

Allow me to introduce the ceremonies. Three ceremonies that will change the way you approach your goals forever. 


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207: Conversations with my Kids Part 1

207: Conversations with my Kids Part 1

December 28, 2020

This week I sit down with my 10 year old son, Avery, and we chat about video game streaming, facebook live, YouTube live and the connection of video over audio. We talk about Pokemon, videogames, Splatoon and how he got into video games and why he wants to be a professional gamer and video streamer when he gets older. 


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206: Real Business with Guest Trevor Cowley from Real Business Owners Podcast

206: Real Business with Guest Trevor Cowley from Real Business Owners Podcast

December 21, 2020

Trevor Cowley is the Co-Founder of Easier Accounting and one of Two serial entrepreneurs, along with Kale Goodman, who are on a mission to help businesses of all levels develop and grow by sharing their past experience building several successful business venture through the Real Business Owners Podcast. Cowley, who is the co-owner of four different companies and works with three business partners in those ventures is here with us today, welcome him on in to the Inovare Podcast.


  1. Backstory
  2. What is the gap between accountants and entrepreneurs.
  3. Projections, taxes, pricing – these are some of the biggest hurdles entrepreneurs go through – myself included
  4. Xero v. QB v. other ERPs
  5. Patience v. taking action
  6. What is the Real Business Podcast


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Why Kill Santa? Do you really need the credit?

Why Kill Santa? Do you really need the credit?

December 18, 2020

The Santa Spotlight is something that people have been debating in recent years. This idea that Santa shouldn’t get all the credit for gifts because it promotes the idea that the parents didn’t work hard for the gifts, and instead spotlights some unknown magic where the children are instead ungrateful to their parents.

As projects and years come to a close there are two ways we can approach the end of Quarter and the end of year. One, we can grab for each bit of credit, after all as business owners, managers and entrepreneurs – isn’t credit due to those in charge? 

Or we can do what a good manager and leaders do – and give the credit to the magic of the team, the company – the metaphorical Santa.


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Ep. 204 Getting Better Everyday with Katrina Ghazarian

Ep. 204 Getting Better Everyday with Katrina Ghazarian

December 14, 2020

Katrina Ghazarian is the CEO of Gameday HR and a strategic Advisor for the Professional Collegiate League. You may have seen her Tedx Talk “If you can’t Beat them, Join them, Then Beat them” on women occupying C-suite positions. She has been nominated as CEO of the Year by LA Business Journal in Gameday HRs first year in business.


  1. Background
  2. sports and your ties and what it taught you
  3. climbing the corporate ladder, in male dominated industries
  4. #GirlBoss, #BossBabe
  5. Workplace mindset during a remote world
  6. Advice you would tell younger you


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