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Ep. 219 Breaking Through with Irvin Retiz

Ep. 219 Breaking Through with Irvin Retiz

February 22, 2021

A once apprentice Electrician at 10 years old, later turned Business Owner, Irvin started his electrical business at age 23 in Houston, TX while playing Semi-Professional Soccer. He’s built his business over the last 2.5 years from a once side hustle from scratch to a now successful business in his Texas community. He is the host of top rated podcast Breakthrough society, which is dedicated on helping aspiring entrepreneurs break through to the next level of their life.


  1. Backstory
  2. Athletics to entrepreneurship
  3. Building a business
  4. Trade industry


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Stay on Track : Grooming Your Backlog

Stay on Track : Grooming Your Backlog

February 19, 2021

When planning out your sprint and taking your journey to completing your EPIC quest, new things always come up. In the tech industry we call that "scope creep". It's a real thing! So how do we manage those new items and how do we track them and make sure they get done?

Enter the backlog.

A backlog is a list of tasks or action items required to support your larger plan and EPIC. In a personal development context, it contains a prioritized list of items that the you have acknowledged that you need to work on or pay attention to next.

ep. 2017 : Cooking up a Brand with Chef Drew Tingley from Hell’s Kitchen Season 19

ep. 2017 : Cooking up a Brand with Chef Drew Tingley from Hell’s Kitchen Season 19

February 15, 2021


Hailing all the way from Pennsylvania’s capitol, Drew Tingley here to bring you a taste of something new. Fifteen years of experience in the culinary world training with top chefs he’s won many awards, Drew offers you a professional experience in any way he can.


You may have seen him on the Food Network's show Hell's Kitchen season 19 with Chef Gordon Ramsey. Chef Drew offers Catering, consulting and private chef services, Welcome Drew Tingley to the Inovare Podcast!


  1. Background
  2. What made you want to be a chef
  3. Solo-preneurship
  4. Being raised in a small town
  5. Imposter syndrome
  6. Strategy for building a personal brand
  7. Favorite foods


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Ep. 216 Question the Drink with Guest Kari Schwear

Ep. 216 Question the Drink with Guest Kari Schwear

February 8, 2021

Kari Schwear has spent most of her professional life helping people find the story they want to tell about the choices they make in their lives. For the past two decades, she has helped companies grow by finding new ways to serve clients. Kari believes the best way for a company to expand is to help its clients expand. She founded GrayTonic and Question the Drink® in 2018 for professionals like herself that are using alcohol as a coping mechanism for stress. Kari is a Gray Area Discovery Coach, a speaker, and a co-author of the book, The Successful Mind, Tools for Living a Purposeful, Productive, and Happy Life.


  1. Your Story
  2. Habit Breaking
  3. Why not just go cold turkey?
  4. Can breaking a habit like drinking, be applied to creating new habits?
  5. Importance of patience
  6. What’s step 1? What can I do today?

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Finding True North with guest Paul Beam of the True North Man Podcast

Finding True North with guest Paul Beam of the True North Man Podcast

February 1, 2021

Paul Beam is a proud veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2000-2004.  ​In 2013 Paul decided to make some changes and finish his studies.  During his course of study Paul founded ManCamp in 2015 and would later form the True North organization (2016).  In 2017 Paul graduated from Concordia University where he obtained his B.A. in Communications, Religious Education, and Psychology.  He has since obtained credentials in life coaching, creates and instructs courses for men, hosts the True North Man Podcast, speaks on vision, identity, purpose, and life-change, and is also an ordained minister.

Paul’s childhood and life choices have led him down a path where he now feels it is his duty to call men to a higher standard of living lives with purpose and intentionality; Lives of service to others rather than service to self.


  1. Backstory
  2. What’s the True North Organization and Podcast
  3. How has your Military Experience prepare you for what you are doing now
  4. Religious Education, communications and Psychology is an interesting pair – what was behind that decision?
  5. How is purpose defined by you?
  6. Your thoughts on manifestation, or do you have another definition of vision
Scoring Your Life : Understanding Level of Effort

Scoring Your Life : Understanding Level of Effort

January 29, 2021

Scoring is a measurement of Level of Effort (commonly referred to as LOE in the Technology world). This level of effort is a scale you might have seen used as "Low" "Moderate" "High" in the past, and functions in a similar way.


Because not all tasks and actions are created equal. There are certain things we need to accomplish that are easier than others, and this needs to be accounted for. Just because you got 10 things done this week and 2 the next, doesn't necessarily mean you were less productive. Those two things could have carried a much larger LOE and could actually mean you got MORE accomplished.


Through a numbering system that makes sense to you, and keeping that consistent. I prefer a deviation of the Fibonacci Sequence which uses numbers to dictate the level of effort needed to complete a task or action.


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Ep 213 Live 365 Driven with guest Tony Whatley

Ep 213 Live 365 Driven with guest Tony Whatley

January 25, 2021

Tony Whatley is a business mentor, best-selling author, podcast host, and entrepreneur. He has led a dual career for the last 20 years, in two distinct industries – Oil & Gas, and Automotive Performance. This was accomplished by starting businesses during his spare time. The author of Side Hustle Millionaire and the Founder of 365 Driven, Tony helps everyday people and entrepreneurs find their true potential.


  1. Backstory
  2. So what is a side hustle millionaire
  3. Turning your purpose into profit sounds nice, but how do I discover my purpose and potential?
  4. Constructive Consistency always wins, touch on this
  5. What is leadership to you
  6. So what is 365 driven


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Ep 212: How to Stand Out, and Create Your Own Swim Lane with Guest Callye Keen

Ep 212: How to Stand Out, and Create Your Own Swim Lane with Guest Callye Keen

January 19, 2021

Callye Keen is the Founder of Red Blue Collective helping people create great hardware products from concept to market. He has taken his manufacturing knowledge and helped by coaching what he calls brilliant misfits who are innovators, and outsiders looking to transform product ideas into business realities. He is the host of the End Hype Podcast, a podcast that aims to remove the fluff and get down to business. 


Show Notes:

  • How did you sell the most expensive fidget spinner?
  • How to create your own swim lane?
  • What is the benefit of knowing your competitors?
  • How much should we pay attention to the market and pricing in the market?
  • Why is low balling dangerous?
  • Product experience and the effects of growing a passionate following and tribe

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Ep. 211 : What Are Bricks? Mission Critical Tasks to Win the Day

Ep. 211 : What Are Bricks? Mission Critical Tasks to Win the Day

January 15, 2021

So far in this series we have talked about EPICS, Sprints and Stories. This is the next step and the most important step in the entire process.

The Agile and Scrum methodologies were missing out on this, and that's why I fixed it. If you want to go back and listen to the previous episodes go right ahead, after all they will help you better understand this episode and you will get the most of your year, and will see the most progress. However, if you have to listen to only one podcast I ever do, this is the one.

This is not the end, but the half way point. Next up will cover scoring, backlog and icebox - but none of those matter in comparison this episode.


We Cover:

  • What is a brick?
  • Why bricks are important
  • How bricks play into stories
  • Why stories are too high level
  • How bricks keeps you focused
  • How many bricks are too many
  • What to do when a new brick comes in to screw up your day
  • The 1:00 feeling and how to overcome it


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Ep 210: Build Your Reality

Ep 210: Build Your Reality

January 11, 2021

Shaylee Edwards has worked in behavior change in varying capacities for more than 7 years and specialize in belief and identity transformations that seamlessly align clients with healthy internal and external habits. Her company,, offers customized structure and support to systematically shift beliefs towards greater empowerment, individuality, and peace.


Show notes

  • Backstory
  • The importance of a morning routine
  • Importance of consistency**
  • Difference between internal and external habits
  • How do we get our minds to “Just do it”
  • Connecting reality with our goals of who we want to be

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